Black Writers Read: Shanita Hubbard

Join us on Sunday, January 29 at 3 pm ET for the tenth episode of Black Writers Read. We’ll be joined by Shanita Hubbard (nonfiction) to talk about her latest book, Ride-Or-Die: A Feminist Manifesto for the Well-Being Of Black Women.

Shanita Hubbard is the author of the book Ride-Or-Die: A Feminist Manifesto for the Well-Being Of Black Women. Her writing has also appeared in numerous outlets, including the New York Times, Huffington Post, Essence Magazine, The Guardian, and more She is also a journalism instructor at the University of Toronto, a Soros Fellow, and the recipient of the LA Maison Baldwin fellowship.

Praise for Ride or Die

“A powerful must-read book for Black women. This engaging, thoughtful book uses hip hop as a backdrop to honor our strength and healing as a collective.” —Gabrielle Union

“This beautiful brilliant Black woman bares her soul, revealing the struggle far too many of us experience. Shanita takes us into deeply intimate moments of her own life to deconstruct why being a ‘ride or die’ is problematic in ways rarely discussed. With unapologetic strength, she challenges us to see the piercing hole this generational badge of ‘honor’ leaves open and reveals why it’s time to remove it and heal.”—Tamron Hall

“With clear-eyed analysis, poignant vulnerability and notable grace, Shanita Hubbard continues the decades-old work of moving the important narratives of women and genderqueer people of the hip hop generation from the margins to the center.”—Dr. Joan Morgan, author of When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost

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