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Hi, I'm Nicole, funder and host of the Black Writers Read Podcast. Join me as we raise the voices of Black Writers from around America.

Black Writers Read shines a spotlight on a vibrant tapestry of writers, each with their own unique perspective, experiences, and literary prowess. They weave tales that resonate with authenticity, capturing the essence of Black culture, identity, and the diverse human experience. 

These talented individuals transport us to vivid worlds, stirring our emotions, igniting our imaginations, and sparking conversations that challenge societal norms.

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Nicole M. Young-Martin

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BWR - Kimberly Mack

Black Writers Read: Kimberly Mack

Kimberly Mack will read from and chat about her new book, Living Colour’s Time’s Up, part of Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 series. Kimberly Mack is Associate ...
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BWR - Itua Uduebo

Black Writers Read: Itua Uduebo

Join us for our discussion with Itua Uduebo (millenial fiction) who’ll share excerpts from his forthcoming debut novel, Parade of Streetlights. Born in Lagos, Nigeria ...
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BWR - Shirley A Jones-Luke

Black Writers Read: Shirley A. Jones-Luke

We’ll be joined by Shirley A. Jones-Luke (poetry. nonfiction.) who’ll read excerpts from her first poetry collection, Traumaland. Shirley A. Jones Luke is a poet ...
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BWR- Lisbeth White

Black Writers Read: Lisbeth White

Join us for our conversation with Lisbeth White, author of the 2022 Perugia Prize-winning poetry collection, American Sycamore. Biography Lisbeth White is a writer and ...
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BWR- Danielle Jernigan

Black Writers Read: Danielle Jernigan

Please join us on Saturday 4/15 at 12 pm ET when we talk with Danielle Jernigan about her book in development, Healing Mother Wounds. Danielle Jernigan ...
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BWR- Enzo Silon Surin

Black Writers Read: Enzo Silon Surin

Join us for our chat with Enzo Silon Surin on his books, When My Body Was A Clinched Fist and his forthcoming poetry collection, American ...
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Black Writers Read Podcast

Black Writers Read, the podcast that amplifies the voices and legacies of Black writers from all corners of the world. I’m your host, Nicole M. Young-Martin, a performance poet, playwright, events curator, and educator with a passion for celebrating the power of the written word.

In this captivating podcast series, we embark on a literary journey that spans the diverse and rich tapestry of Black experiences, traditions, and creative expressions. From thought-provoking essays to mesmerizing poetry, from captivating fiction to enlightening non-fiction, we delve deep into the remarkable works crafted by Black writers