Black Writers Read: Lisa Pegram

Join us on Saturday, January 21 at 3 pm ET for the ninth episode of Black Writers Read. We’ll be joined by Lisa Pegram (poetry. nonfiction) who’ll share insight in her forthcoming memoir.

Lisa Pegram is a writer, arts integration specialist, and publishing professional who hails from Washington, DC. She has over 20 years of experience in high-level program design for such organizations as the Smithsonian Institute, Corcoran Gallery of Art, and National Geographic. She served as DC WritersCorps program director for a decade and as co-chair of United Nations affiliate international women’s conferences in the US, India, and Bali.

Her endeavors as a literary publicist and acquisitions editor are sparked by a desire to advocate for and amplify underrepresented voices. Lisa completed her MFA in 2012 and has an Executive Certification in Arts & Culture Strategies from UPenn. She is currently working on a family memoir that is a narrative cookbook that explores her life story through the lens of food and music. Exploring the Black diaspora as a way of life, she’s currently based on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten.

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