Resources for Black Writers

Informative Industry Sources (Self-Pub & Traditional):

The Future of Ink
ALLi (Alliance of Independent Authors)
A Newbie’s Guide To Publishing
The Book Designer
Bookbub Partners
Reedsy  (New to publishing? This resource list will help!)
Jane Friedman’s The Hot Sheet

Platform, Marketing & Promotion Advice:

Kristen Lamb: We Are Not Alone
Jane Friedman
The Creative Penn
Molly Greene

Marketing Help Master Resource

We’ve put together a terrific collection of our best marketing advice, handouts, promotional swipe files, and more, so if you want to know how we handle marketing and promotion, bookmark this link.

Protect Yourself & Your Writing:

Writer Beware: Find scammers before they find you
Copyscape: Think maybe someone’s stolen a blog post? See if you’re right.

Professional Business Services & Tools For Writers:

ProWritingAid: Premier and affordable software to help you strengthen your writing. There’s a free trial & this is used by nearly 1 million professionals (note: affiliate link)
BetaBooks: Beta Reader Management software for authors (great way to include your fans in the writing process and make them feel like insiders!)
Reedsy: a marketplace of vetted professionals to help authors publish
Gumroad: sell PDFs via your own online store
Booktrakr: track your digital sales, bestseller rank & more
TechSurgeons: Hosting & website design (specializes in author sites)
Anti Social: Shut off social media or internet for a specific time to focus on work
Siteliner: Search for broken website links and more
Canva: very easy-to-use image creation service which is free and works terrific for marketing materials. They also have book cover templates.

Editing & Formatting Services:

C.S. Lakin: has edited several of our thesaurus books
Gloria Singendonk
Michael Dunne: has proofread for us–highly recommended
JD Smith Design: Jane works quickly and is very professional!
Fawkes Editing: September is a Resident Writing Coach and she knows her craft!
Heart of the Story: Sara Letourneau is a former Resident Writing Coach who has done some first page critiques in our monthly contest
Marissa Graff: Marissa is an editor with Angelella Editorial. She has been a guest editor for our critique contest and received rave reviews
Lisa Poisso: Whether you need one-on-one coaching, editing help, or something in between, Lisa can help.

Unique Writing Tools:

One Stop For Writers®: Elevate your storytelling through toolsresources and the largest description database available online, and get step-by-step help as you plan, write, and revise using the Storyteller’s Roadmap.